Recruit Books and Platoon Rosters


Recruit books maintained by the MCRD Museum Reference Center are available for research only, they are not for sale.  Please note, there are no lists of names of recruits or Drill Instructors.   The only way to search for a recruit book is by year of graduation and platoon number.

Due to staff  and funding limitations, the Historian can only copy the recruit book page with requestor's photo on it.  This applies to requests for recruit books via phone, mail, or email.  A researcher is welcome to come to the Museum Archives ,in person, and copy the entire book or all of the platoon pages if the researcher supplies their own copy paper.

If you would like to purchase a recruit book, please check the MCRD Museum Historical Foundation website,  to see if they have your book.  Please note, the Foundation only has recruit books from 1975 to the present day.  Their collection is not complete, and is missing many years and platoons.  The MCRD Museum Historical Foundation is a private, non-profit entity that supports the MCRD Museum.

Can't find your recruit book?  Read our list of suggestions in How Do I Find My Recruit Platoon Book?  


Many people ask if the Marine Corps saved rosters of the recruits who went through Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego.  The answer is no, but, there are some ways you can search for the names of recruits.  The list below is organized into different time periods.  

Recruits who trained at San Diego from September 1923 - May 1953: 

There are none. Recruit books did not exist at San Diego until June of 1953.

Recruits who trained at San Diego from June 1953 - May 1989: 

The only lists exist in the recruit platoon books. If you do not have your platoon book, check the inventory (listed in the table above) for the year you graduated. If we have a copy of your platoon book we can provide you, free of charge, copies of the pages containing the individual head shots. Please contact the historian and provide your complete name and physical address, to include the last four numbers after your zip code. Copies will be sent to you as soon as possible after your request has been received. If you are local, contact the historian to make an appointment to copy this information. You may either photograph the entire book or, if you bring your own paper, copy the insert, the portion of the book created for the individual platoon. There is no charge for this service.

Recruits who trained at San Diego from June 1989 - 23 December 2011:

Lists exist in recruit platoon books and in the MCRD newspaper, The CheVron. Recruit Platoon Books: Check the inventory of the year you graduated (listed in the table above). The CheVron: If we do not have your book, contact the MCRD Library at 619-524-1849 and ask them to check their source for the rosters, the MCRD newspaper, The CheVron.

Recruits who trained at San Diego from January 2012 - Present: Lists exist in recruit platoon books and in the MCRD newspaper, The CheVron.  Recruit Platoon Books:  Check the year you graduated in the table above. If we do not have a copy of the recruit platoon book, we can provide you with the platoon roster from digital issues of CheVron from this time frame, ending on 23 October 2015, when the paper ceased publication.

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